What is the

Vistar View?

What is The Vistar View?

The View from Vistar is the glittering panorama of consciousness…The universe looking at itself from billions of points of view.

That perspective reveals the radiant and constant newness of the unchanging nature of creativity.

It is an infinite perspective of Perfection and Love.

It is the changeless essential force called Life that radiates and enlightens all that is.

After a 12 year intensive study in the Gurdjieff “Work”, we came in touch with Kenneth G. Mills, messenger of the “Absolute” Standpoint.

He said..“You are not a person looking up to…reaching for the Star. You are Star Being LOOKING OUT from the Star”

A profound shift and a new direction

The VistarView emerged.

Its miraculous manifestation followed

In 1994, a small ad was placed in a local newspaper. It read “Vistar: A group experience for those seriously interested in metaphysical principles and their application to everyday living.” This was the beginning of an extraordinary journey, which evolved into an intensive experiment of the power and potential of collective consciousness.

Along our journey we discovered that the VistarView, the mysterious beneficent Field, was guiding and supporting us. We can describe this as an invisible connective tissue—an awareness that exists outside of this three-dimensional time and space that our physical bodies inhabit. It is an aware living space which has many properties and nuances that differ from our ordinary, everyday state of consciousness.

The VistarView is evolving as the outpouring of creative and evolutionary possibilities as seen through the principle of the essential nature of human beings as divine co-creators of reality.

The VistarView is expressed in the fields of conscious evolutionary communication, spontaneous creativity thru art and poetry, meditative practices, and participation in global initiatives for a shift in consciousness and world Peace.