The Vistar

ABOUT The Vistar Method

The Vistar Method emerged over 18 years of meetings and their exploration. This dynamic interaction evolved into a specific set of guiding instructions and actions whose purpose is to reveal The Field of Collective Consciousness

THE METHOD Includes…

Six GuideRules, deeply rooted in metaphysical principles

Three Roles for each meeting: the Leader, the Support, and the Participant, each with their own responsibility to the Circle.

Three Sections for the progression of the meeting: Introduction, Development and Recapitulation

The Vistar Method is the result of decades of experience in meetings exploring the power and potential of coming together to awaken, co-create, and embody unity as a living reality. In a Vistar meeting dedicated individuals merely on the guidance of an invisible Presence. We do not know what this Presence is, whether we create it, are it, become it, simply recognize it, or whether we shape it. We do not know if it is an aspect of our own Being or perhaps a resonant relationship of group consciousness with a larger Field of Universal Consciousness. However, we do realize that we have a relationship to it, a greater understanding how to approach it, and recognize some of its magical qualities.

At the heart of the goal of the Evolutionary Meeting is the recognition that the next step of humanity’s evolutionary development may involve the development of group consciousness. This requires a radical shift in vision, motivation, and understanding of what a meeting is all about. Essential to that shift is the realization that the Energy, Quality, and Atmosphere (EQA) of a meeting are at least as important as the topic under consideration. This is so because the EQA is understood as the springboard to access an altered group consciousness.

That we hold hands

Across space and time

Like sky divers floating

Upwards together,


By the gravitational pull

Of light and love

And all things

Not subject

To the gravitas



David Bohm

The Vistar Method is a powerful dialog technique that generates a field of collective awareness between people. For those who want to experience consciousness beyond the sense of separation that we normally live with I highly recommend trying the Vistar Method. You will find all those at Vistar to be sensitive and adept guides for an amazing journey. Jeff Carreira, author, mystical philosopher and meditation teacher.
For me, the Vistar Method opens the field of infinite possibilities that exist when two or more come together to investigate truth and higher knowledge. What happens in these collective meetings of minds is to bring about what Aldous Huxley called ‘The Mind at Large.’ The Method resolves the paradox of the limitation of consciousness that sees things as self and not self. Suddenly in a meeting I found that my individuality was transcended. Everyone and everything that came out of the mouths of follow participants were my words as their own, issued forth from some unknown space of realization. I was transformed into a collective awareness and my own dramas were forgotten for something that was beyond me and still me. The Vistar Method is the social, political and educational possibility for an enlightened planet. It is method for knowing truth, love and the soul of humanity”
Alan Steinfeld

Host of New Realities Television

I have found that, as the frequency of a meeting increases, the direct heart-felt experience of connectedness emerge with its immense new possibilities. The Vistar Method is an art form, a co-creative social structure, and a good way to get started with an Evolutionary Circle.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

from her book BIRTH 2012 and BEYOND