What happens when we come together? What happens between us and inside us? Is it only our physical bodies that meet and our five senses that bridge the gap to one another and the perceived reality around us?

There must be more, much more happening in the space we inhabit. I have always wondered what drives us to noisy restaurants where conversation is almost impossible, or to sit quietly in a large, darkened room with a crowd around us, watching a movie. Is some free-floating energy present that we are somehow able to ingest? What is it about a dog or cat that fills a need for companionship? Is there a living presence that they emanate? A moment of deep feeling shared by one of us can embrace and unify a group instantaneously. How does that happen?

In moments of silence together, we can feel something almost palpable between us. In meditation when attention is freed from its habitual focus on the material realm, we become aware of Space, unbounded, within and without, everywhere. Focused nonjudgmental listening cuts through the distance between us and opens intimate new ways of seeing and understanding each other.

Metaphysical wisdom teachings tell us that beyond our physical body there are several more invisible bodies in our true anatomy. Each has their own distinct qualities, each extends across space and time in seeming miraculous ways, each has its own way of connecting us. Ancient Indian wisdom speaks about Indra’s web, a structure across the entire creation connecting everything instantaneously as One, a mystical unified field.

Now, Western Science is joining this timeless conversation about how we and everything else are connected. It is searching for its own unified field. At the level of our everyday experience and at the quantum dimension, we and the fundamental units of creation are joined in ways we are just beginning to discover, certainly don’t yet fully understand and in many cases, can’t even imagine. The Universe is a space alive with a cosmic dance of Nothing hiding as Something, of the waltz of appearance and disappearance, of masked dark energies holding everything together. Clearly, space is not empty!

For eighteen years, we at Vistar have been exploring an aspect of the space between us, this mysterious field of gathered human consciousness. We know some of its power and potential and its awesome ability to unify us. This field has unlimited creative ability, but when unconscious and misdirected, it can manifest a destructive power witnessed by much of our history.

Our relation to the invisible dimension of space and our understanding of how we are connected to it and influence it is new territory. We need open eyes and ears to for this exploration, for it will shape our evolutionary journey and every aspect of our human experience. Ultimately, it will determine how we as a species shall take our position as citizens of the Cosmos.