Don’t Take Our Word For It:


I have found that as the frequency of the meeting increases the direct heart-felt experience of connectedness emerge with its immense new possibilities. The Vistar Method is an art form, a co-creative social structure

Barbara Marx Hubbard

from her book BIRTH 2012 and BEYOND

Great work. You’re doing a wonderful job of pioneering new ground and getting truly co-creative participation.
Stephen Dinan

CEO, Shift Network

Vistar Foundation has created a magical style of communication that can bring harmony and grace into any conversation, regardless of the topic. Thank you for the opportunity to share and be a part of this exciting, transformational forum.
Andrea Adler

Founder of Holisitc PR

The Vistar Method is a powerful dialog technique that generates a field of collective awareness between people. For those who want to experience consciousness beyond the sense of separation that we normally live with I highly recommend trying the Vistar Method. You will find all those at Vistar to be sensitive and adept guides for an amazing journey.
Jeff Carreira

Co-Leader Evolutionary Collective

The Vistar Method is the social, political and educational possibility for an enlightened planet. It is method for knowing truth, love and the soul of humanity.
Alan Steinfeld

Host of New Realities TV

Victoria and Ron are pioneers in plumbing the depths of collective intelligence.
Carter Phipps

Author of Evolutionaries