There is an inescapable logic to the so-called spiritual teachings, their simple elegant truths are formulated in a language that both our minds and hearts are wired to translate and understand. And what is an example of a simple wisdom that can possibly encompass the seemingly endless complexities of our current quagmires, global, national, and individual? One apt formulation to consider might be is that when one is so far from an understanding and application of an obvious truth or principle, any attempt to deal with effect of effect of its repeated misapplication must result in failure and frustration, continued wandering in the devolving land of the opposites.

For example, if The Golden Rule is recognized as a Principle, a directive recognized in one form or another at the deepest level of every human soul, then perhaps we could then say that every diversion from following that Truth becomes a Cause leading to a cascade of effects with multiplying difficulties for human wellbeing.

Simple, isn’t it? Efforts which then follow to deal with issues such as climate change, unequal distribution of resources and wealth, immigration, health care, education, relationship to a sentient Nature with its animal and microbial worlds and on and on while important, well-meaning and of course, in some cases confronting existential issues for all of us, will ultimately provide no lasting solutions unless they are first seen and adjusted in relationship to the original accepted Principle, The Golden Rule. One could also speculate that accepting and acting from that Principle might confer an evolutionary advantage to a species, to the growth and flourishing of its members individually and in any ethnic grouping. And who knows, in a larger arena, it may also prove to be a worthwhile guide to our approach to any future contact with “aliens” that may take place.

I write this in the recognition that soon our human ingenuity will find temporary solutions to the current crisis-medications and vaccines to deal with the new coronavirus, we will even develop new faster methods of preparing vaccines to deal with the other microbial protagonists awaiting their turn on stage.

However, for me, the painful message of the increasing complexity of the rapidly proliferating endless problems that we face at this point in our evolutionary journey is that our answer must lie in the timeless truths of the spiritual realm, in the transformation of our recognition of who and what we are, in our relationships to each other and enacting our understanding into the prime directives that shape every aspect of our society. It is at that basic level of mutually recognized human essence, authenticity and need that a new basis for creative dialogue can begin and the lesson of the latest crisis will have been learned.